We deliver orders in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Leningrad and Moscow regions and other regions of the Russian Federation, as well as to the countries of the EAEU Customs Union, DPR, LPR and neighboring countries.

The company Steel TD owns its own fleet of trucks and cooperates with the largest carriers, including PEC and Business Lines.

Buy roofing and facade materials with delivery from a reliable manufacturer. It's simple and convenient. Receive finished products from the warehouse yourself or order our delivery, which a personal manager will help arrange.

To arrange delivery you will need:

  • address
  • date and time
  • phone numbers of people who will meet the cargo

When the order is ready for shipment, our logistician will call and check whether the delivery address has changed or the ability to accept the cargo at the agreed time.

Provide our driver with unhindered passage to the unloading location, if the unloading address is located in a closed area, issue a pass for our transport and organize the unloading of goods and materials.

Clients are required to coordinate with the manager delivery to closed areas or travel on roads with current restrictions.

To receive the goods you need the following documents:

For individuals:

  • cash and sales receipts
  • passport
For legal entities:

  • paid invoice number
  • if you have a seal, then prepare a copy certified by the head of the organization or an original power of attorney for the right to sign upon receipt of the goods
  • if you have the original power of attorney, you will need a passport

When we deliver the order, we will sign the UPD and invoices. The driver will have the original documents.
Delivery abroad
The company Steel TD carries out foreign economic activities in cooperation with our partners and delivers large quantities of goods to neighboring countries.

For countries of the customs union, after calculating the cost of the order, you will be sent an invoice with a 50% discount from Russian VAT and a foreign economic contract will be concluded. For other countries, customs clearance is additionally calculated, the average cost of which is from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles. The invoice can be issued both in rubles and in foreign currency. We undertake the preparation of export documentation; for Russian-made goods, we prepare an ST-1 certificate.

Delivery conditions are calculated separately for each order. To agree on details, please contact the sales manager.
Return and exchange of goods
Dear customers, before receiving the product, carefully inspect its appearance and check that it matches the declared configuration.

Returns and exchanges of goods are carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. An application for returning goods can be submitted at any sales office.

When returning goods of good quality, only the cost of the goods is returned. Shipping costs are not refundable.

The company does not accept returns of goods that have individually defined properties if the specified product can be used exclusively by the consumer who purchased it. For example, goods to order, tinted paint, construction and finishing materials sold by the meter, discounted goods, goods sold as substandard, as well as dirty goods.

For individuals

  • Cash at any of our offices
  • In cash at a bank branch (you must have an account and passport with you, a commission may also be charged according to bank tariffs)
  • By bank card at any of our offices
  • Online through the bank’s Internet system, including using the QR code located on the account

For legal entities or individual entrepreneurs

  • Non-cash payment via bank transfer using the details specified in the invoice
  • By bank business card at any of our offices
  • In cash at any of our offices when purchasing up to 100,000 rubles under one agreement (clause 6 of the Bank of Russia Directive No. 3073-U dated October 7, 2013).